RouterOS License Level MikroTik

All About RouterOS License Level MikroTik – Hi guys… This time I will share about Router OS level types for you. Already know what it is proxy. Mikrotik commonly used for computer network systems. The full explanation can be see here. Okay, just go ahead. Let’s check it out …

Mikrotik RouterOS comes in various levels. Each level has its own capabilities, starting from level 3, to level 6. Briefly, level 3 is use for Ethernet interface routers, level 4 for wireless clients or serial interfaces, level 5 for wireless APs, and level 6 does not have any limitations .

MikroTik Router OS has many features, and one of which has already been mentioned above, namely bandwidth management. For hotspot applications, you can use level 4 (200 users), level 5 (500 users) and level 6 (unlimited users) that’s realy amazing guys.. 😀

Details of the differences in each level can be see in the table below:

what i can do with license mikrotik
RouterOS License Level MikroTik upgrade

In conclusion here is our share about router OS license level with MikroTik. And if you like this article, please share and subscribe to our channel on Life Digital. Thank you everyone.. ^_^

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