Four Examples of the Major Digital World Issue

Four Examples of the Major Digital World Issue. The development of digital era has made nearly all aspects of human lives become easier. However, the revolutionary changes have cultivated highly complex phenomena. There are various digital systems and tools that are so powerful and easy to use that they can be misused or abused. And here we go several examples of digital world issue that is becoming more and more apparent these days.

the Major Digital World Issue
The Major Digital World Issue on March 2020

1. Cyber-Attack Issue

In other case Cyber-attack is a term to represent any attempt to gain access, destroy, disable, or alter use of an asset through computer and computer networks. It targets the restricted personal, infrastructure, or information system data without authorization and often with malicious intent. It can be execute by individuals, groups, organization, or any types of sources.

2. Data Breach

Data Breach on digital era, also known as data leak, data spill, information leakage, or information disclosure. Data breach is a release of confidential protected or secure data to the untrusted party whether itโ€™s done intentionally or not. This is consider as loss or theft of digital media. It may involve data such as financial information, trade secrets, personally identifiable information, or personal health information.

3. Issue Cyber-Bullying

Sometimes referred as online bullying and cyber harassment, cyber-bullying is one of the digital world issue examples which involves act of bullying or harassment through electronic or digital media. It has become more and more common to be heard especially amongst younger generations as the technology has advanced. Harmful cyber-bullying acts including pejorative labels, threats, rumors, etc.

4. World Internet Fraud

Internet fraud or online scam is a type of deception or fraud with the means of internet with the purpose of alluring the victim to provide money, inheritance, or property. Although it is considere as cyber criminal, and some people differentiate it from theft, since in most cases the victim knowingly and voluntarily provides the perpetrator the information about their possession. The technology advancement offers both the wealth of fun exploration, but not without bringing digital world issue for instance.

Providing proper education and raising awareness are the key to tackle the issues on the area positively. And here that is our news, if it is useful then share and subscribe to our channel on Life Digital. Thank you everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

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