Implications on Living in Digital Era Explained in Three Different Aspects

Technological advancement is happening at the faster rate than ever. It comes with its own benefits and challenges that impacted almost everyone that lives in this age. Living in digital might be the most suitable phrase to describe this phenomenon – as the digital revolution has successfully and thoroughly change the way human experience their lives, especially for younger generation and anyone under age of 40. As it has been mentioned in prior, the tangible and visible changes don’t come without massive impacts on people’s lives in various aspects. There are implications that accompanying this revolution, in which would be discussed in three major sections below.

1. Implication on Daily Lives

Internet as the connecting tool in the digital ages has been involved and utilized even on smallest things. The rapidly growing network is now able to collect and exchange the smallest bit of information that affecting day-to-day activities. For example, you may check the weather forecast or traffic congestion through your device that connected to the internet. It has impacted our lives in societal level, such as in business, education, and healthcare departments.

  • Digital Business

The impact of living in digital age for business world is undeniable. The productivity and effectiveness have increased immensely. For instance, things like inventory management are not done in traditional method anymore, instead the information is shared in integration inside the company so the workers can minimize mistake in works and complete their task faster.

It still has downsides, however. The complexity of management through network may be an issue for some. Updating software on a lot of devices may inflate the IT costs. The businesses still need to balance out the advantage from productivity and the cost they need to pour out in exchange.

  • Digital Education

Digital technology has some positive and negative impacts as well, although the first type of impact might be more extensive than the other. The knowledge and materials of education is more exposed more than ever – students can get to interact with their teacher online or make use of e-book which is cheaper than physical text book. Education institutional system can be run more efficiently, such as doing attendance checks digitally.

Meanwhile, the negative implications of digital integration are there. For example, there is a plagiarism possibility when the students’ coursework is exposed and easily accessible for anyone.

  • Digital Healthcare

Digital monitoring device is a common machine to be found in hospital nowadays. It allows the doctor to get data transmit in actual time from the patients, so in case anything worth to take any action over is happening; the doctor can be notified instantly. The most notable drawback of digital technology for healthcare is probably on the leaks of privacy and security. It is not rare to hear fraud happened over the data collected from the patients, unfortunately. Strengthening the security to prevent such a problem is the answer and effort we can contrive for a better living in digital era

2. Implication on Urban and Surrounding Lives

Living in digital world may have higher implication on certain geographic circumstances. Urban area, for example, is affected more intensely more than rural area. In the technology-driven age, it is common to allow technological devices help controlling bits of everything around you. It is especially true in the smart city where its citizen’s life is shaped heavily by digital technology on substantial level.

  • Traffic Management

Digital network integration helps to reduce some of the traffic issues in the cities. It is now possible to get live traffic report, spot-finding for parking, and best alternative routes based on data collected. This innovative method is very convenient for the citizens so they don’t have to waste precious time by getting stuck on traffic or finding parking spot.

  • Environmentally-conscious planning

Smart city is probably the best epitome of living in digital while prioritizing and maintaining sustainability aspect of it. For instance, the implementation of smart LED streetlights which would turn only when there’s person passing by would reduce the energy and electronic cost needed to operate the city properly.

However, no matter how much or how significant the benefits of technology to get the city as environmentally friendly as possible, there are still some important considerations to keep note for. Smart street design may require costly construction for example. It should be also ensured first that a smart city have strong network to supports massive digital data transmission.

3. Implication on Personal Lives

As it is safe to assume that over half of world population uses the internet nowadays, we can say that it is indeed a crucial thing for a living in digital world. It has cultivated distinctive cultures. Some are harmless such as the development of internet slang, the idea of global citizenship, and worldwide interactions. At the same time, some concerning subjects may rise too as explained in the following contexts.

  • Illegal breaching of Personal Privacy

The internet community that grows amongst those who are living in digital era may not always be healthy. Finding things like spams and scams is not really shocking nowadays, as a result from private data stealing from the internet.

  • Digital Plagiarism

The protection for original content creators has been getting better by days, thanks to the strict copyright rules that used across various platforms. The amount of flaming and cyber bullying over the uploaded contents are also pressed by using these rules.

Living in digital world has some of its own positive and negative implications, as it does with many other things. Building self-awareness and contributing positively to healthy digital community is the key to better digital world advancement in the future.

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