CentOS, Linux Distribution must you know?!

CentOS it’s Linux Distro / distribution – Hi, friend, sorry for not taking care of this blog, once logged in it turned out of mass. But this time we will review about CentOS, a product variant from Linux Open Source. Indeed why did I write this because I was learning to use it, understand that I got a project for this … kyaaa~

CentOS or Community Enterprise Operating System is a Linux distribution that provides a free, community-supported computing platform functionally compatible with its upstream source.

A. Must you know

CentOS is a community project that was started towards the end of 2003 with the aim of providing a company scale operating system. For this reason, CentOS rebuilt using the source code that was released from Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) into a Linux distribution with almost the same quality and compatibility, while providing periodic security improvements for all related software packages.

B. Backgroud CentOS

In June 2006, the main developers of the Tao Linux distribution, clone RHEL, announced that they would stop the project and change it to CentOS development. Linux users then migrate use the CentOS when release with “yum update“.

In July 2009, it was discover that the founder of CentOS, Lance Davis, had disappeared since 2008. Lance Davis has stopped contributing to the project, but retained authority over CentOS domain registration and PayPal accounts. In August 2009, the CentOS Team reported that they had successfully contacted Davis and assumed authority over the centos.info and centos.org domains.

In July 2010, CentOS’s popularity rose sharply bypassing Debian as the most popular linux distribution for web servers, accounting for almost 30% of the total linux-based web server. Even so, Debian regained his position in January 2012.

C. Purpose and Objectives

Introducing the CentOS operating system that is commonly used for servers

D. Discussion

  • CentOS is very compatible with Red Hat.
  • It is a very powerful OS Freeware for Enterpise scale.
  • It is the only OS Freeware that is officially supported by CPanel.
  • CentOS distribution is compatible with RHEL so any that RHEL drivers can be used by CentOS.
  • CentOS is easy to maintain
  • Have independent distribution. That mean the point is distribution can be developed without the help of others in the development process
  • CentOS is suitable for long-term use, especially for non-experimental and other production environments
  • easy to use for maintainers of software packages and users
  • long-term support from the developers
  • Support active development
  • community based infrastructure
  • open management
  • open business model
  • commercial support, provided by partner vendors

E. Lack of CentOS Distribution

  • Depends on the Red Hat distro. That’s why CentOS always comes out after Red Hat.
  • The word “Enterprise” scares newbies and chooses Fedora.
  • The appearance of the CentOS website is less attractive (CentOS Indonesia is working to update the CentOS.org website to make it look attractive).
  • Lack of documentation regarding CentOS specifically.

E. Conclusion

So CentOS is an operating system that rebuilds using the RedHat source code and makes CentOS almost the same quality as RedHat

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